By now you have the Listencat text to speech plugin installed, activated and the API key enabled. Now lets drive your audience engagement by turning your Wordpress content into natural, human speech audio articles.


Let's try converting one article. You will see how easy it is. As you enabled the API keys this notification appeared in your Wordpress dashboard (below). Go ahead, and click "Add audio" to add audio to your first article.

Add audio Listencat text to speech wordpress plugin


Go to the posts section of the Wordpress dashboard. You will see that new columns have appeared for the table - you will see that the switch in the "Listencat" column is turned on for your latest post, and the statistics columns "Play minutes", "Play count".

Listencat text to speech post activated wordpress

Feel free to turn on/off the Listencat column switch for any of your articles. If you want to have all your posts have audio versions, simply click the checkbox at the top left corner of the table and click "Bulk actions". From the dropdown menu select "Add audio".

3. You you can see your article and the Listencat text to speech audio player embedded. Try out the playback.

Now you have given your audience the convenience of listening to your content on the go. Moreover, having audio version of your articles available increases the time spent on the website by more than five times. This improves your SEO ranking, thus attracting more visitors and subscribers.

Note: if you are having any issues with the steps so far or the embedded player, please reach out to support [at] We will get it sorted out.