Let's link up the plugin with your Listencat account.


Now that you have the Listencat text to speech plugin installed and activated, you will see the notification asking you to connect your account - just click "Connect your account" and it will take you to the Settings section of the Listencat plugin.Connect your accoung Listencat text to speech wordpress plugin


You can also see the Listencat plugin on the left side navigation pane of the Wordpress dashboard. Click it to edit the Listencat text to speech Wordpress plugin.

connect account Listencat text to speech wp plugin


Now that you are in the Listencat plugin settings section, you can see you need to enter the API key. You can get your API key in your free Listencat account. 


If you don't have a free Listencat account, just click the "Sign up for free" link or just go to app.listencat.com. No credit card required. If you already have signed up for your Listencat account, then  just go to app.listencat.com to log in. 

sign up Listencat text to speech plugin


You're now in the Listencat account settings section. You will see your API key. Just click the copy button.


Go to back to your Wordpress dashboard and go to the Listencat settings section. Paste the API key in the API field. Now click "Save settings". 

7. You will see the notification "Congrats! Your Listencat.com plugin is enabled."

You did it! You have set up and enabled your Listencat text to speech plugin. 

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